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Youth Group Fall Schedule

Posted by Lee Ann Roeder on Aug 30, 2018

From Jenny Pitts

Now that everyone is back to school and updating their calendars like mad, I thought I'd add to the chaos and send out the Youth Group tentative schedule for the first semester. As those of you know who have been in Youth Group for awhile now, these events are tentative and could change based on kids' availability. We try to assemble a group of at least five kids for most events, but that minimum number is also dependent on the activity.  

All kids are busy these days. If you put these tentative dates on your calendar now, the hope is you'll be able to pick a few times to make Pilgrim your priority and join us for some fun, fellowship and service. I also ask that you RSVP in a timely fashion to the specific Evite or email invitations that are sent for each event. Planning for food and transportation cannot be done efficiently and well at the last minute. If there is enough demand, I could create a Youth Group Google calendar that you could link to your calendar, or just access when you want to check what might be going on with Youth Group. I tried this once in the past and am not sure anybody used it. Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in and I can try to do that again.

If you have any ideas for additional activities or different ones, please let me know. These activities are ones the kids have enjoyed and generally been able to make time for the past few years, but we are always willing to try new things--particularly service projects! Pilgrim Youth Group kids and parents have big hearts for service.  

One more thing I wanted to mention is that I do have an Instagram account (pilgrimyouthgroup) that I sometimes use to post quick reminders or fun photos. Check it out if you are on Instagram.   


Sunday, Sep. 9: Lunch and paintball after second service

Sunday, Sep. 30: Josh Longmire will talk with youth and other Congregation members about his experience at this summer's ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston (during the Sunday School hour)

Saturday, October 6: We will serve ice cream sundaes at Pilgrim's Octoberfest

Saturday or Sunday October 27/28: Possible high school activity while confirmation kids attend the Confirmation retreat--open to suggestions!

Sunday, November 11: Veteran's Day program at Zionsville Meadows

Sometime in November during high school Sunday School: Assemble care packages for Pilgrim college students

Sunday, December 2: Help decorate church for Advent and shop for "adopted" Christmas family

Saturday, December 15: Annual Christmas brunch and Giving Party