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Pastor Heidi preaching July 15, 2018

Posted by Lee Ann Roeder on Jul 14, 2018

Pastor Heidi will be in town and preaching at Pilgrim during both services on July 15! While they haven’t finalized their relocation up here yet, their house is on the market in Texas, and their search for a home up here continues (if you’ve ever bought or sold a house, you understand the ups and downs that come with that). She is excited to preach on July 15, and while they aren’t up here on a permanent basis yet, they are eager to get the move behind them so they can be fully involved in the Pilgrim community, get Ainsley settled into a new school, and embrace life in Indiana. As she has said, this entire experience is a reminder that God’s timetable isn’t necessarily ours, but with a little patience and prayer, it will all happen.