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October Adult Sunday School Class

Posted by Lee Ann Roeder on Sep 20, 2018

From Gloria Worth

Beginning Sunday, October 7, Dr. Fred Niedner returns to us for a four-week study he is calling "Birth and Rebirth in the Bible." The adult class will meet at 9:30 a.m.

Given that all human beings share the experiences of birth and death, and maybe paying taxes, it does not surprise us that the Bible is full of birthing stories, laws and tensions related to fertility and birth order, and metaphors like the New Testament's talk of rebirth, or birth "from above." Most every biblical birth narrative contains surprises and teaches us something about life and its Creator.

October 7: Birth and Birthing - Complicate from the Beginning

October 14: Two Sisters' Birthing Cries Echo Through the Ages

October 21: Even God has a Womb (Birth Metaphors in the Hebrew Bible)

October 28: Born from Above (Birth Metaphors in the New Testament)