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Miracle Place Volunteers Needed

Posted by Lee Ann Roeder on Sep 13, 2018

From Chris Konow

Miracle Place is a ministry on the near east side of Indianapolis. Pilgrim has provided financial support to Miracle Place via our Benefaction Fund Grants for quite a few years. The second Sunday of each month, Miracle Place holds a Community Breakfast at 9:30 a.m. Pilgrim is sponsoring the Oct. 13 breakfast. We need 6-8 volunteers to help prepare and serve breakfast to 50-70 people. Dee and Duane Pierson will be spearheading our effort.

If you are interested, sign-up on the sheet at the table in the narthex, or contact:
- Chris Konow ( )
- Tammy Donley ( )
- Dee Pierson ( )

ABOUT MIRACLE PLACE: Miracle Place, a ministry of the Sisters of Providence, offers hospitality, care and concern. It is a place of spiritual refreshment where all who come may find refuge, where all who are severely tried may be comforted, where all who are lonely may find companionship and where those without hope may find a renewed spirit. Educational opportunities and cultural experiences for various age groups are offered through Miracle Place. By bringing neighbors together for neighborhood activities and celebrations a sense of community is established; trust and good will are strengthened. The miracle of God’s presence becomes a reality.

The miracles:A miracle is a happening that we attribute to God in some way, it is special, not the usual thing. When Sister Rita Ann and Sister Barbara lived together at Holy Cross in the late 1990s it was a miracle that they saw the same need and wanted to work to serve the community on the near eastside. They knew that Miracle Place, what they were endeavoring to start in 2000, would not be the usual type of outreach.

It was a miracle that they found the house at 940 N. Temple, and that the neighbors gave them permission to open in the midst of residential housing. It was a miracle that we were able to obtain the needed zoning, funding, and support to operate.

When the Sisters established Miracle Place in 2000, they had a vision to make a difference in the lives of the residents. They have continued to serve the neighborhood through its programs, activities, and services striving to continuously enhance and enrich the neighborhood experience.

In 2012, a seed was planted to expand services and our neighborhood outreach. The successful “Build a Miracle” campaign resulted in the construction of our new community center in May 2016.