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Elder's Corner: Being Thankful

Posted by Lee Ann Roeder on Nov 13, 2019

This is the time of year when our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving and the other holidays that follow soon after. It is a thoughtful commemoration of that first Thanksgiving in the 17th century when the pilgrims, having endured many hardships, demonstrated their gratitude to God and the "Indians" who had helped them survive. I would submit, however, that we should use this time of year to rededicate our lives to serving Our Lord and our "brothers" and "sisters." We, too, have much to be grateful for, and I dare say much of what we are given goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

So much of what we have been given is taken for granted. We are given a marvelous life with a body of elegant splendor in an absolutely breathtaking world of beauty. Yet, when we are faced with discomfort or adversity, we forget that the God who created us is there to give us strength and comfort. We are distracted by all of the glitz and bright lights of temptation which pull us away from what Our Lord intended for us. If we pause for a moment to remember that we are created in God's own image, which means that we are capable of loving others as God loves us, not because we are deserving but because we are His.

I often wonder how in ages past people ever found happiness, serenity, and joy in their lives in the absence of electricity, and modern conveniences that we find so important. It is true that our ancestors may have suffered more in some ways than we do, but perhaps it was easier to focus on the things in life that are fundamentally more important.

So, as we approach Thanksgiving, let us rejoice in the beauty of God's creation, and the faith that Our Lord God is our strength and our salvation.

Dave Blase, elder