Braille / Large Print Center

Earl and Erma Holl, charter members of Pilgrim Lutheran Church, founded the Pilgrim Braille # 126 work center in 1979. They obtained approval and equipment from the main Braille center in Yucaipa, CA, and coordinated the development and training of two groups of 5 or more people from Pilgrim and three other local churches.

Today, Pilgrim’s Braille and Large Print center creates large print manuscripts to aid the visually impaired. Our manuscripts are mainly delivered to Africa and India with a handful delivered to U.S. locations.

We delight in the fact that adults and children who read these Braille and large print books can learn about the Gospel and share the message with others.

At present, we have one group from Redeemer Lutheran – Indianapolis that comes every other week, and two groups from Carmel Lutheran, one that comes once a month and one that comes twice a month. Pilgrim’s group meets every Tuesday 9:30-11:30 AM. Our group enjoys socializing as we work together and we are pleased to be able to serve God in other countries without traveling. Visitors and new volunteers are welcome.

To learn more, please contact our office at 317.846.2221 or .