Board of Elders

The Board of Elders supports Pilgrim Congregation’s Journey Together by assisting the Pastor in the spiritual care of the congregation - in a sense, “stewardship of people” - by cultivating the Love of Christ among us.  Specific roles for the Elders include prayer, hospital and shut-in visits, counseling meetings, support and care of our confirmands, and generally assisting the Pastor as necessary in the ongoing ministry to the congregation.  

Kelly Brown

Member Assignment: All-Cla

Tim Guedel

Member Assignment: Cle-For

Jim Williams

Member Assignment: Fou-Hia

Gwen Knipstein

Member Assignment: Hin-Kraf

Steve Sullivan

Member Assignment: Kram-Mau

Kathy Bloom

Member Assignment: McC-Pow

Bob Schumacher

Member Assignment: Pro-She

Jim Durst

Member Assignment: Shil-Urb

Dave Blase

Member Assignment: Van-Zim